The Skiny on Lip Filler

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The Skiny on Lip Filler

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Filler

Written by Carlyn

Don’t let your cosmetic procedure be an impulse decision. Finding the right specialist, along with high-quality products is soooo important. You know the show Botched? …yea, you get it. 

When it comes to any treatment or procedure, doing your preliminary research is always a good idea. Does the specialist or clinic have good reviews? Any horror stories? Is the clinic sanitary? Have they completed this procedure many times on a diverse group of people? What injectable product do they use? Do I feel comfortable with this specialist? 

These are just a few of the questions that should arise during the consultation before the treatment or procedure. In the case of lip injections or filler, here are some things I think you should know before doing the deed.

#1  Yes, it will hurt.
This one’s pretty obvious. If you’re going to the right place, they will likely set you up with some numbing cream beforehand. The cream will help with a significant amount of the pain, but you will still feel something. This was important for me because the thought of needles gives me the ultimate heebie jeebies. The numbing cream helped me relax and made me feel more comfortable going into the procedure.

#2  Eating after getting lip filler will feel weird for a few days.
I had to find this one out the hard way. My biggest mistake: ordering a smoothie with a straw right after my appointment. Since there is now some extra volume in your lips, eating and drinking will feel weird for a couple days. It took me 2-3 days to start feeling normal again while eating and drinking. In the meantime, avoiding straws is my advice.

#3  Be careful with temperature after your appointment.
Assuming you had numbing cream applied beforehand, you need to be cautious of hot temperatures for around an hour after your appointment. Since your lips will still be somewhat numb, pls don’t rush to Starbucks for your hot coffee right away. You might not be able to feel the hot temperature on your lips which could lead to a nasty burn. Ouch.

#4  Ice those babies asap.
If you’re anything like me, swelling and bruising are unfortunately part of the lip injection experience. Although everyone reacts differently, swelling and bruising are common after this procedure. Applying an ice pack as soon as you can will help to reduce these symptoms and bring down pain levels as well. Bruising is normal after getting lip filler. Give yourself about a week to heal before that job interview or graduation photoshoot.

 #5  Don’t cut corners when it comes to injectables.
I can’t stress this enough. High quality product and a specialist who knows their sh!t will not be cheap. In my opinion, if something is going into your body, it should be the best there is. If you aren’t in the financial position to afford high quality, wait. Settling for low quality product could result in infection and a whole lotta pain. Don’t settle for anything less than the best—you deserve it!

Again, everyone’s lip injection experience is different. These are my top five pieces of advice for anyone considering lip filler taken from my own personal experience.  Check out my video below for more on this treatment.

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Good luck!

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