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Sunscreens in Canada

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Trendy brands are coming…

Charcoal skin care products

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We consulted a few experts…

All-natural skincare

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Top skincare experts takes on the natural product dilemma

Diamonds in Skincare

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Diamonds in skincare

5 Natural Skincare Products

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It can also improve your skin from the inside…

Acupuncture for Beauty?

Posted on November 30th, by Kai Zanderman in I tried it!, Injectables, Reviews, Uncategorized. No Comments

Spoiler Alert: We love cosmetic acupuncture!

Dandruff and Damaged Hair

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What is dandruff and how do we get rid of it?

Make-Up = Breakouts?

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We asked expert dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett to weigh in on this.

Are you killing for Beauty?

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Is your exfoliating face wash bad for the environment?

Wunderbrow Review!

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Does Wunderbrow really work?

Chemist Corner

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Why you shouldn’t make it

Nutricosmetics 101

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Q&A: Corina Crysler of GliSODin

Gluten-Free Skincare

Posted on February 12th, by staff in Products, Rejections, Skincare. No Comments

Beauty fad or real concern?

All About Azelaic Acid

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Fight acne and rosacea!

Help for Hyperpigmentation

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Review: Kellett Luminate Pads

Dr. Cory Torgerson

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His favourites of the year


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Liquid Spanx for eye bags

Safe to buy?

Posted on November 7th, by staff in Expert Tips, Products, Skincare. 2 comments

Discounted skincare at Winners

Kérastase Turns 50

Posted on October 29th, by Helen in Hair & Style, I tried it!, Products, Reviews. 2 comments

Crème of the Crop of Hair Care

Beach Bumming Pt. 2

Posted on September 8th, by Helen in Reviews, Skincare, Sun Protective Clothing. No Comments

Review: SPF Addict clothes