Meet Dr. Lisa Kellett

Meet Dr. Lisa Kellett

Searching for a Toronto dermatologist? Say hello to our skin saviour.

Throughout this site, you’ll find that we keep referring to Dr. Lisa Kellett as our “go-to derm” and her private practice DLK on Avenue as our “go-to” clinic.  Click here to learn more about DLK on Avenue’s treatments.

Why do you ask? To be completely upfront, when brainstorming ideas for this site in the Winter of 2012, we were looking for a medical advisor who many people considered to be a “big deal” in the city, but who also has a lot of heart.

We wanted an innovative and passionate doctor, a no-nonsense expert who bucks the trend, a philanthropist, and above all, someone who is a real woman. Her celebrity clientele doesn’t hurt either, although Dr. Kellett would sooner plead the fifth than name-drop.

We were already familiar with Dr. Kellett from her television appearances on Global News, City News, Breakfast Television on CTV, and Entertainment Tonight Canada. And the fact that she is a member of the Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society and the Toronto Dermatological Society. But we think word-of-mouth is still the best recommendation! So as we asked more people, we found that the acronym “DLK”, short for Dr Lisa Kellett, kept popping up in conversations with both industry insiders and regular folk. Things we heard included:

“She treats so and so.”

“She has four kids, you know.”

“Her skin wasn’t always perfect, which is why we love her!”

“She works with the Hospital for Sick Children with her charitable program DLK Cares.”

“She reconstructed the face of the woman who got hit by a brick while driving along the 401, for free.”

“She’s changed my skin. I don’t have to wear foundation on t.v. anymore! That’s how clear and even my skin is!”

“She figured out what the heck was going on with my skin when no one else could.”

“Her acne line. OMG. The best.”

The praises never seemed to cease.

When we launched our little “blogazine” in the fall of 2012, we asked Dr. Kellett if she could be on stand-by as our expert. To our surprise, she said yes! Since then she has kept an open-door policy for us whenever we have a pressing query or just an embarrassing WTY?! moment.

As we evolve The Skiny into your go-to “site” for reliable skin health advice, we want to take a moment to formerly introduce you to her. Dr. Kellett has been quoted in over 400 magazine articles. On this page, you will find her media archive, categorized on the right in the drop-down menus. Whatever your complexion concern is, Dr. Kellett has tackled it!