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We asked Toronto dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett, MD, FRCP (C), DABD, to
give us the skinny on the UltraShape body contouring treatment. Dr.
Kellett was the first in North America to offer UltraShape, a non-surgical body contouring treatment that effectively and safely reduces unsightly fat deposits in men and women.

“A recent survey of Canadian
women aged 25 to 60 reveals that more than 90 per cent say there is
something about their body they would change. Also, 79 per cent of women
admit that they are their own worst critic when it comes to their body
shape. It is rewarding to help my patients obtain the body shapes they
aspire to have.”

Q: How does the UltraShape technology work?
The procedure uses a therapeutic transducer that is moved over the skin
to apply focused ultrasound to the skin.­ The transducer generates
mechanical effects to selectively break down fat cells and liquefy fat.­
The liquefied fat is gradually and safely cleared by the body’s natural
physiology.­ UltraShape now offers the first technology to
simultaneously treat multiple depths of fat, called Vertical Dynamic
Focus, for a smoother contour.

Q: What are the effects of UltraShape and how soon do they appear?
UltraShape is one of the only nonsurgical procedures that actually
destroy fat cells.­ The procedure is guided by a proprietary real-time
tracking and guidance system designed to deliver smooth, uniform body
contouring results. UltraShape provides long lasting, measurable
results within a few weeks.

Q: How many treatments does each patient need to see results?
Clinical results show that after just one treatment there is an average
reduction of two centimeters in body circumference depending on the
area treated; however, as many as three treatments two to four weeks
apart are recommended to achieve enhanced circumference reduction of up
to 10 centimetres overall, depending on the area treated.

Q: Is there a particular part of the body this technology works best on?
The UltraShape procedure is used to destroy fat cells in common problem
areas such as abdomen, flanks (“love handles”) and external thighs
(“saddle bags”) that remain even with diet and exercise.­ Among the
“problem areas” that Canadian women would like to change, women are most
likely to be unhappy with the shape of their abdomen (72 per cent),
followed by their love handles (58 per cent) and thighs (51 per cent),
according to a recent survey.

Q. What sort of client feedback have you received?
My patients have mentioned that they prefer the non-surgical attributes
of UltraShape – including that it is non-invasive and there is no

Q: Is there any pain involved during the treatment? Are there any side effects?
The in-clinic procedure requires no anesthesia or sedation and most
patients report that the treatment is comfortable. Afterward, patients
immediately resume their daily activities. Patients should maintain a
low carbohydrate, low-fat diet beginning on the day of treatment and
for four weeks after, so the body can metabolize the free fat released
by the treatment. Some with sensitive skin can experience redness in
the treatment area, which disappears within a couple of hours.

From Elevate Magazine, November/December 2012

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