Wunderbrow Review!

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Wunderbrow Review!

You may have seen the infomercials about the marvellous claims of Wunderbrow – the one step brow gel.

Wunderbrow claims to be transfer-proof, water-proof, it last for days, and looks natural.

So I decided to put it to the test. Here is my full Wunderbrow review with pictures along the way.

First, lets take a look at my makeup-free brows. Eek! See why I need brow makeup so badly!


Now for the Wunderbrow. Ooo ahhh! I bought the shade “blonde”. The colour is nice, but I do wish it was a little bit less ashy for my skin tone. The craziest thing is that Wunderbrow seemed to find eyebrow hairs I didn’t know existed. It made me want to pluck my eyebrows, which is something I have never done before. The results look very natural.


Time to put it to the test. Here is how Wunderbrow held up after a long day of work. You can see my skin got a bit oily after the full day, but the brows held up perfectly!


After working, I headed to the gym for a sweaty workout. Here is normally where all signs of brow disappear completely, but Wunderbrow held up! It didn’t look like anything shifted at all.


Next, I hopped in the shower. I did wash my hair and face, but I tried to keep the soap away from my brows to see how waterproof Wunderbrow really is. Considering how long and hot my shower was, I think the brows held up pretty well. Most of the brow remained but the tail ends (where I have the least eyebrow hair) disappeared.


The last test, I went to bed. So after a full nights sleep you can see that most of the brow was gone.


So does the Wunderbrow work? Yes and no.

Transfer-proof: Yes!

Water-proof: Mostly

Last for days: No.

Looks natural: Yes!

So it didn’t meet all the grand claims, but from my experience, it does last MUCH longer than most eyebrow makeup I have tried. I was particularly impressed with how well it stayed on after the hot shower.

I naturally have very little eyebrow hair, so there really isn’t a lot for the makeup to cling to.

Overall, I am pretty happy with Wunderbrow and will likely use it all summer long (fresh applications each morning).

Reporting for The Skiny,

Samantha Fox.

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