Winter Treatments

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Winter Treatments

I’m getting married in July so I want to get my skin in the best state it’s ever been by summer.  I have sun damage on my cheeks, bluish veins on the backs of my legs, and chicken skin bumps on my arms. Is wintertime a good time to start clinical treatments to get rid of these problems? – Pat T., Oakville, ON. 

Dr_KellettIt’s an ideal time! Our consulting dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue in Toronto, explains why:

“Your skin is dryer so it needs more care. Also people are more pale, so we can do treatments that are a little more difficult to do on tanned skin. For example, laser hair removal and brown spot removal treatments such as the Lumenis 1 or Q-switched ruby laser. Schelothereapy for leg veins is particularly wise to get in the wintertime because you may have some bruising after the treatment, so you might as well bruise when you’re not showing your legs. Keratosis pilaris on the backs of arms is something we treat a lot on brides in the winter to get ready for summer weddings.”



Non-invasive procedures yield optimal results when you work with a dermatologist who will map out a targeted deadline-driven treatment plan customized to your needs and goals.

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