Obsessed with pimple popping?

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Obsessed with pimple popping?

Why are we as a culture obsessed with pimple popping?

Think I’m crazy? Well, Dr. Sandra Lee, known as “Dr. Pimple Popper” on YouTube has videos that have millions of views. I’m not just talking a few million, currently her most popular video has over 16 million views!

So why are we so captivated by something that is so gross?

Is it because it has a horror movie feel to it? Does it feel cleansing? Or is it because we secretly wish we were doing it ourselves?

I think it’s the same debate most of us have when we happen to notice a large whitehead on our face. To pop or not to pop, that is the question. We know we shouldn’t but it’s so, so tempting.

Tempting as it might be, our favourite dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett says it’s better to stop the pop. You can actually cause more damage and even permanent scarring if you pop – so don’t do it!

If the pimple is small, Dr. Lisa Kellett recommends this three step process:

  1. Apply a drop of an over-the-counter 1 percent hydrocortisone cream to shrink the bump an hour before you have to be seen in public.
  2. Before heading out, use a clean cotton swab to apply a topical benzoyl peroxide cream on the zit. To counteract flaking skin, which is typical with benzoyl peroxide products, Dr. Kellett recommends using a 5% concentration in a gel-base formula. Wait one minute.
  3. Then apply a concealer that contains gentle acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic or sulfur.

If you have a large cyst, or bad acne, Dr. Lisa Kellett recommends booking a consultation with your dermatologist. Treatments such as Blu Light, and Acne Peels can treat bad cases of acne, or if a cyst needs to be excised, this needs to be done by a professional.

Have acne scars from past popping? Don’t be embarrassed, a good dermatologist can help reduce those as well with treatments such as Non-Abrasive Laser Resurfacing.

Watch all the pimple popping videos you like, just don’t pop your own.

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