What The Yuck?!

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What The Yuck?!

Bacne, moles, and tiny bumps. You want them gonzo, right? Here, we cut to the chase and go straight to Dr. Lisa Kellett for how to get rid of these skin nasties, fast.

1. Bacne

Often seen on the back and chest, body acne is very common in teenagers and young adults (men and women). The cause is increased oil production, bacteria and a disorder of the cells lining the hair/oil gland unit.

GET RID OF IT: Start with the use of a gel based exfoliating cleanser with physical beads to effectively exfoliate. Then apply an OTC acne treatment containing 5% benzoyl peroxide as a field treatment to treat and prevent acne. If sun protection is necessary, use an alcohol-based sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect the skin and not contribute to acne. Finally, specialized peels and laser treatments can be used to clear it now and control it for the long run.


2. Moles

There are several types of regular harmless moles so your first call to action should be to see a dermatologist to determine if it is a new mole or a change in a preexisting mole. While moles are very common, one should see a derm to ensure that it is benign.

GET RID OF IT: I use a new excisional treatment, which can remove the mole with very little scarring.

TIME INVESTED:  Procedure is done in just 10 – 20 minutes. There is one week of downtime, where the spot, which will look like a spot of acne, will scab over and heal.

3. Comedones

Whiteheads and blackheads are tiny bumps common in acne. It is crucial to get comedones under control because they are the primary lesion of acne, which means they’re the precursor to big acne papules – large inflamed bumps that can be troublesome to treat.

GET RID OF IT: Start with a topical vitamin A (1% retinol solution is very effective; Helen recently tried this one), and see a dermatologist to get started on a management program of epidermal peels and blue light treatments.

TIME INVESTED: 3-4 weeks.


If you have acne that is difficult to control with topical agents you should consult your physician as you might have an underlying hormonal problem.


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