What is permanent makeup?

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What is permanent makeup?

Is permanent makeup bad for your skin?

Guest Written by Kelsey McGillis

We’ve all been there, you accidentally sleep through your alarm and now you’ve got 10 minutes to get ready for work. It’s times like these that we all wish for a magic wand we could wave and have your makeup done. Well, that magic wand may not be at far-fetched as you think. In reality, it’s not a magic wand, but rather a tattoo gun that may be the solution. As of late, many women have been going under the knife, or rather needle, to permanently tattoo their makeup.  Never having to fill in your eyebrows or line your lips again sounds like a dream come true for many. However, as with most things, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Permanent makeup doesn’t come without its own list of problems, and we spoke to expert dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett about important things to know before proceeding with permanent makeup.

Three of the most common permanent makeup procedures are brow filling, lip lining and eye liner, each procedure performed slightly differently. To begin, brow enhancement is a procedure that takes a short 40 minutes, with small lines lightly tattooed to mimic your own hairs. Dr. Kellett says that this is the most common permanent makeup that her clients ask her to remove. Next is lip lining, done much like lining your own lips, except with a tattoo gun. Most women claim it’s not overly painful; the procedure takes only an hour with about 10 days of healing time, where the lips will swell and chap. Finally, the scariest sounding procedure is also what Dr. Kellet claims to be the most difficult to remove, permanent eyeliner. Applied much like standard eyeliner, a tattoo gun is used to line the eye, another short procedure.

Now that you have a general understanding of the procedures themselves, what are some considerations to take before proceeding with any of them. For starters, we all know how quickly trends can come and go. Lately, beauty trends have been all about big, big, big features. Perhaps inspired by Kylie Jenner’s full lips and Cara Delevingne’s bold eyebrows, over-lining and statement features have taken over the beauty scene. However, who’s to say that the thin, over-plucked brows of the early 2000’s won’t make a comeback? Following through with permanent lined lips or filled-in brows could leave you stuck with a permanently outdated look.

More important than being in style, is your own health and safety. Kellett explains that “you won’t know if you will have a problem until you have [one]”, as your body may have a “foreign body reaction to the tattoo,” (aka your body rejects the tattoo cause irritation and scarring). For example, Dr. Kellett warns against Permanent lip liner if you’re prone to cold sores, as this greatly increases risk of infection. Additionally, she’s seen reactions to eyebrow tattooing such as “the eyebrow [turning] red or blue”. However, even if you forego these immediate negative reactions, within years and even month your tattoos can change. For example, lip liner coloration changing and eyebrows becoming asymmetrical or warped.

Over all, permanent or tattooed makeup can seem like a quick fix to the hassle of makeup application, but it doesn’t come without its downfalls. Make sure to do in-depth research and consult with a professional, as well as experiment with less permanent makeup like “temporary tattoo” style liner to make sure you’re happy with your desired shape and colour. With proper preparation and research, permanent makeup can be a life changing experience. Just remember, magic wands only exist in fairy tales and a tattoo gun is not a fool-proof solution to your makeup woes.

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