What happened to her face?

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What happened to her face?

I’ve always adored Cameron Diaz for her girl-next-door looks and lean surfer body. She blew up on the big screen in 1994 alongside funny man Jim Carey in The Mask with full cheeks, dewy clear skin and long, flowing locks.

But perhaps all those years of frolicking in the California sun has taken its toll on her face?

At age 40, she looks a bit weathered, no?

The photo above, taken last Spring at the What to Expect When You’re Expecting premiere, is a good example of how having crepey skin can cause makeup to look blotchy. I showed this pic to one of my aesthetician pals and she thinks Cameron has struggled or continues to struggle with acne and uneven skin. Her crow’s feet seem quite deep too.

I showed this pic to our go-to dermatologist for her tips on how my favorite Charlie’s Angel can freshen up her look.

Dr. Lisa Kellett says,

“In patients over the age of 40, there are many non-invasive treatments available to look fresher and less tired. These include Botox to soften lines on the forehead and crow’s feet and also to lift the brow. Thermage is a great treatment for the face and neck, which tightens the skin using radio frequency in just one treatment. Finally, ProFractional treatments are great for removing brown spots and smoothing fine lines.”

Here’s an older pic of Cameron in her younger days. Look at that glow! Her skin is illuminating from within.

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