Bloody Beautiful

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Bloody Beautiful

By Jessica Wortsman

From pale skin and dark nails to black leather and lace, the Twilight phenomenon awoke in us a thirst for all things Goth. Now skin care science has entered the world of the macabre with the “vampire facelift”. This non-surgical procedure, called PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy or Selphyl, involves drawing blood from your arm and then re-injecting it into the wrinkles in your face. Celebrities such as British actress Anna Friel, pop singer Dannii Minogue, and reality tv star Kim Kardashian have reportedly had it done. We asked cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cory Torgerson for the skinY on this bloody treatment, “PRP has been available in Canada for over two years. In general PRP takes some time to see the results. You will gradually notice a difference in about 3 weeks, as the new collagen is produced. I’ve noticed a couple treatments, usually 1-2 months apart can help to achieve optimal results.”

Better than other injectables?

The thought is that because this filler is made of your own blood and is 100% natural and completely chemical free, it would be unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The most exciting aspect of this ghoulish treatment is that the injected plasma actually stimulates collagen production. This means that instead of filling in the cracks with putty, you’re actually rebuilding the foundation.

Where to get it done Local Toronto clinics like Dr. Cory Torgerson, Middleton Cosmetic, and Visage Clinic are among the many that offer this procedure.

Cost starts at $600 per treatment



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