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Is your post-holiday tummy is starting to rival Honey Boo Boo’s? Before you go balls-to-wall at the gym trying to work off those love handles, know this: There is a clinically-proven treatment that can help you rid of stubborn pockets of fat that don’t seem to budge with exercise and diet.

UltraShape is the first Health Canada-approved machine to reduce unwanted fat without surgery. The UltraShape body contouring machine uses two energy-based technologies: radio-frequency to heat up the fat cells in the body and ultrasound to break down fat cells by disrupting its membranes. The dispersed cells (triglycerides) travel through your body to the liver, where it is processed (burned off!) by the body’s natural mechanism.

Company trials have shown that just a single treatment may result in an average reduction of 2 centimeters in body circumference.

I got the chance to be a fly on the wall today at our go-to derm’s Yorkville clinic, one of the few clinics in Toronto to carry the latest UltraShape machine; the older model used only  ultra sound technology.

With a video camera in hand, I watched a hockey player get the treatment done on his stomach. There he is getting measured by medical aesthetician Miriam Denham.

During the hour-long treatment, the puck pro expressed nary a sign of discomfort. In fact, he was checking his email throughout the zap session. At one point, he even doze off! When asked why he was getting UltraShape, he answered,

“Everyone needs a competitive advantage, no matter what their sport is.”
And then he doze back into slumber land.

Starting at $800 per treatment, this lunch-time procedure with zero down time isn’t cheap. But neither is a gym membership!

Perhaps the greatest advantage of UltraShape is that it saves you precious time.

A typical UltraShape session takes at least an hour, depending on the size of area being treated. In just one hour, you can boost your body’s fat burning ability to potentially sizzle off 2 centimeters of flab. My previous experience working at a fitness magazine has taught me that it can take months, even years, of exercise and strict eating to yield those results. This former gym rat believes getting a little help from technology is a smart way to get in fighting shape, whatever your sport is. It might not be hockey for me, but looking and feeling my best in a bikini is a winning feeling!

Here’s a video with our go-to dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Kellett further explaining this treatment.

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