Threading vs. Waxing

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Threading vs. Waxing


Both methods of hair removal are created equal and will do a fab job in the hands of an experienced aesthetician. However, threading is a gentler option as it really only grabs the hair, but since the threads remove an entire row of hair at a time, it may not be for everyone, especially if you’re new to brow shaping as the sensation takes some getting used to. Also note that because both waxing and threading gently exfoliate the skin, proceed with caution if you have very sensitive skin, have recently done some serious tanning, or have used AHA’s or BHA’s (alpha or beta hydroxy acids) on the area (e.g. vitamin A creams, retinols, chemical peels or exfoliants). How long should you wait? For over the counter products, 3 – 4 days is generally recommended, but it could be up to 1 week for more sensitive skin types. Doctor prescribed products or clinical treatments require a 4 – 6 week break from any hair removal, depending on the degree of skin exfoliation.

When in doubt, opt for tweezing only, which allows for hair-by-hair precision shaping, without any risk of skin irritation.

Expert: Nathalie Smith, co-founder of MYNC Lash Lounge & Brow Bar in Yorkville.

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