The Upside of Aging

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The Upside of Aging

Photo: Carmen Dell’Orefice, age 81, the world’s oldest supermodel.

Wouldn’t it be great if like fine wine, our skin got better with age? With the latest in skin care technology these days, looking better on the outside as we get older is possible. But one thing that can be overlooked is how we feel on the inside with each passing birthday. I just read this uplifting tidbit in a recent issue of Chatelaine that will surely put a smile on your wrinkling face…

[gn_quote style=”1″]When we think of aging, we tend to obsess over deepening crow’s feet and losing the battle for firmer thighs. But here’s some good news about getting older: happiness increases with age. A recent survey of British adults reveals that women are happiest at age 38 – not as many might have guess, at the supposed prime age of 19. And aging is also associated with improvements in career, relationships and overall well-being. Wait, it gets better: A 2010 study found that levels of stress, anger and worry all plummet at 50, resulting in an increase in happiness. So as the years tick by, embrace the grey in your hair and hang on to those rose-coloured glasses![/gn_quote]



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