Party planner: Martina Stritesky

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Party planner: Martina Stritesky

Martina Stritesky knows how to throw a good bash. She is the founder and principal planner of White Bow Events, specializing in elegant and stylish weddings and special events in Toronto, New York, Florida and LA. Here’s the skinY on this sought-after entertaining expert.

The Basics

Your birthplace: Toronto, born and raised.

Where you call home now: I still call this beautiful city my home base.

What drives you in a positive way and in a negative way? 

I was born into a household where my parents worked very hard from morning to night. My mother was the ultimate mother growing up, working 9-5 at work and then coming home and providing us with beautiful homemade meals from scratch every night. I rarely saw her sit down. My father always said she was the hardest worker he knew and he was one to talk! He is an entrepreneur having creating a very successful business through lots of sacrifice. So working hard and putting my best foot forward in any work I do, drives me in a positive way. But equally so does being around positive and inspiring people. Whether they excel at their job, their personal life or in just being great and genuine people at heart. You are the company you keep. I try to keep mine uplifting. And I guess the same goes for the negative, I try not to let negative or bad people into my life so that they don’t burst the bubble!

Describe a typical day for you (from bed to bed). 

Since starting White Bow, it’s hard not to say that I don’t spend a lot of time either meeting with clients or being on my laptop writing proposals from dusk till dawn. Event-days are completely different and are typically a marathon in heels dealing with everything from the client(s) to the caterer, the venue, the bar, the media, staffing, photographers and of course guests! Our job is to pull of our clients event of their dreams – whether it be a large and lavish wedding or small and intimate one, a hot new restaurant or product launch, or organizing a lux  golf retreat for top executives. It’s fun and I love it!

What’s your healthy life maintenance routine for: 

i) Exercise

Weekly training sessions with Michael Okumura at Fusion Health Studios. It’s a calming environment to feel comfortable in – but he also likes to kick your butt!

ii) Diet

I’d like to say that I’m healthy all of the time but that would just not be true. I have a softness for Mexican food and red vino at least once or twice a week. My good days are usually start with a homemade latte and Ezekial with almond butter for breakfast and fruit, salads usually for lunch and dinner is always a piece of meat or fish with veggies and a glass of wine. I like to cook at home as much as I like to go out, so it’s usually 50-50!

iii) Beautiful skin

Lots of water, seasonal facials, Dermalogica moisturizer with SPF 30 and Laura Mercier oil-free foundation are my must-dos. A smile also does wonders.

iv) Fun

Nothing gets me giddier than packing a bag and travelling. I find it hard to sit in once place too long. When at home, breaking bread with family and friends is when I am most happy. Good food, great company and lots of bubbly!


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