The Engagement Ring Selfie

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The Engagement Ring Selfie

Yes it’s a thing (for better or worse) and it’s #trending on your Facebook and Instagram feed. Newly engaged women posting close-ups of their adorned left hand as a way to announce their engagement. But in the spirit of the inter web, some people – namely the rich – are taking it to the next level of one-upmanship.

Industry watchers are saying that this trend has caused a rise in demand for “the hand lift,” a 10-minute injectable procedure that instantly transforms old hands into younger ones.

Have we entered a new vortex of vanity?

Well, not for the well-heeled. At $1200 per treatment, it’s not for the budget-minded bride-to-be. In fact, “it’s not new” according to our go-to cosmetic nurse Diana Phillips who says that a non-surgical hand lift is one of the most popular treatments at DLK on Avenue, the dermatology clinic where Phillips works. The clinic, located in the swish Yorkville area of Toronto, is perhaps the only spot in the city where women don’t bat a Latissed eyelash at the price of a Hermès scarf.

Diana_PhillipsPhillips injects the hands with either Juvederm or Radiesse, two types of cosmetic fillers that provide an immediate plumping effect. Juvederm contains volume-restoring hyaluronic acid whereas Radiesse is a gel with calcium-based microspheres that acts like a scaffold under the skin, providing more structure. Both products stimulate collagen production – that skin-plumping process that woefully declines with age.

“I inject these products with micro cannula, a very fine threading technique of distributing the product in the hands. The result is a restoration of crepey or sagging skin and a reduction of visible veins that can last up to a year. It’s an excellent procedure for all skin types and really anyone who is noticing changes in the integrity of their hands…and of course, for those who have beautiful diamonds to show off.”

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