Get Movie-Star Teeth

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Get Movie-Star Teeth

Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System

$195 at The Bay and; $50 for the Tanda Pearl Booster Kit (refills)

What it is: An at-home whitening mouth tray that claims to provide professional-level whiter teeth in just five days, without causing sensitivity. The dual-sided mouth tray uses ionic energy to deliver stain-busting oxygen molecules deep into teeth to remove surface stains.

How to use it: In the morning, squirt one tube of the whitening gel onto each side of the mouth tray, bite onto it, press the button, and the gadget gets to work. It emits a mild micro-current to amp up the performance of the low-dose peroxide so it whitens like a higher dose of bleach without irration to the gums and teeth. After just 5 minutes, you remove it and rinse off the residual gel from the tray, and brush your teeth. Repeat before you go to bed. This is how you look with the thing…

Why I like it: It’s quick, easy and clean. And best of all, you can reuse the device so it’s a good investment. When your smile needs a pick-me-up, simply purchase more whitening gels. If you’ve ever used Crest White strips then you can probably relate to that fake-looking white (Chicklet teeth) it can produce for some people. The Tanda Pearl actually delivers a nice natural white that is a hallmark of youth – you know, before your addiction to coffee and red wine kicked in.

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