Tan on the Run

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Tan on the Run

I just watched my friend get a spray tan…in her kitchen! That’s her newly bronzed, sexy back above.

Tan on the Run is a mobile airbrush tanning service run by entrepreneur Nicole Hyatt. Her company has been around for about seven years and has a tight clientele of television personalities, actresses and fitness models – basically people who need a faux glow fast in order to look hot in front of a camera, but don’t have the time to head to a tanning salon; Such as the girl friend who invited me over today. She’s an actress and tried this service in the summer after learning that she landed a lead role in a film. Her agent told her to get an airbrush tan for her character, an exotic dancer gone crazy. She had about three days to get her face and body bronzed for the shoot. She loved her tan so much that she invited me to watch her get a second one for another film role she recently landed (not a stripper this time).

So, this how it works: You clear some space in your home to make room for the pop up tent, which is where you step into, either naked or in a bikini – your call. Then Nicole uses a spray gun that is attached to a bottle filled with an organic-based tanning solution to cover you from head to toe, making sure not to miss the back of your knees and palms. 

She then uses a fan device to set the solution. In less than 15 minutes, you’ve got a streak-free, even glow. No oompa loompa orange look at all! Nicole takes off and you get on with your busy day looking like you just stepped off the plane from a weeklong vacay in St. Kitts. Oh, and your home doesn’t reek of chemical fumes either.

The tan lasts about 7-10 days on the body, and 3-4 days on the face, which tends to secrete more oil, explained Nicole. You need to stay away from exfoliators and load up on moisturizer to help the tan last. It is best to get this service done when you have nowhere to be for 6 hours, or in the evening so you can wash off the heavy coat of pigment in the morning. Otherwise your glow might look a little intense.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a Mystic Tan at a tanning salon and an airbrush tan, Nicole says, “A mystic tan is applied by a machine which can lead to very uneven results, it also leaves an orange finish to your tan due to the 20oz of solution that is applied opposed to the 2oz that is required when applied by a technician with an airbrush. Would you allow a robot to cut your hair?”

Good point.


Lisa recently tried Tan on the Run and loved the natural-looking, streak-free results. Here, she’s wearing Tan on the Run’s darkest shade…



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