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What to do by 25

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Book yourself in with a dermatologist! STAT!

Coping With Adult Acne?

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70 million Americans suffer from acne.

Sunburn Art

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The latest dumb trending

Chemist Corner

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Why you shouldn’t make it

Beach Bumming Pt. 2

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Review: SPF Addict clothes

Beach Bumming Pt. 1

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Sun Protection from UV Couture

Banish the Bronzer!

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Drink these instead.

Hugh’s Skin Cancer Scare

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Even Wolverine is not immune.

Teens can’t tan

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Tanning beds are now banned.

Skin Cancer PSA

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Giada De Laurentiis speaks.

Holy Grail SPFs

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The Kellett Skincare Sunscreens

Sangria Time!

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Your skin loves red wine.

Skin Cancer at 22

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Casie Hagelberger’s story.

Got burned?

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Do’s and don’ts for aftercare.

Sunscreen Fails

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9 mistakes (we all make).

Melanoma at 25

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Sarah Cisneros’ skin cancer story.

All About Moles

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Melanoma and mole removal.


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“It happened to me.” Pam’s story.

Publicist: Jennifer Ward

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Sexy, smart, and a cancer survivor.

Red heads, take care!

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You may have skin cancer genes.