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Fuller Perkier Breasts

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Compression Leggings

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Body Talk

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Non-surgical body contouring trims stubborn areas of fat

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Even the most dedicated gym rat knows those stubborn areas can be a problem—the saddle bags, the little belly that won’t go away no matter how many miles are logged on the StairMaster.

For about five years, Canadians who are slightly apple or pear-shaped have had a weapon to battle those trouble zones that their American counterparts have been waiting for—non-surgical body sculpting.

Using ultrasound, body sculpting zaps fat cells, creating a slimmer silhouette. There’s no anesthetic and it takes about 90 minutes.

“For the right candidate, it’s a good treatment. It’s not for fat, it’s for body shaping,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, a cosmetic dermatologist in Toronto who has been offering the treatment for about five years.

Body sculpting targets small areas of fat cells — sometimes 600 or 700. It tackles subcutaneous fat, not the deeper variety.

Typically, it takes three sessions two weeks apart to complete, at a cost of about $800 a session, says Kellett. In the end, most patients are about one size smaller.

The ideal candidate for the treatment is fit and healthy, but merely has these stubborn areas. Some patients opt for the treatment after liposuction for body shaping, says Kellett.

“You actually map out the area you want to … Read More »


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