Sunscreens in Canada

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Sunscreens in Canada

Trendy Sunscreen brands are making their way to Canada; but are they worth the buzz?

Guest Written by Kelsey McGillis

Every day new and exciting beauty products emerge, often generating buzz for their novelty and intrigue. Magnetic eyelashes, glitter face masks, chrome lipsticks… you name it, and chances are there’s a brand that makes it. However, while women across the country line up to grab the newest and coolest makeup, one beauty product remains criminally under-hyped and that’s Sunscreen. We all know that it’s important for our skins’ health and appearance, but sunscreen has long been regarded as a boring product.

However, sunscreen’s humdrum reputation may soon change. More hip brands have begun making their own sunscreens, such as Glossier, Coola and Farmacy. None of those sound familiar to you? That’s likely due to Canada’s strict skincare regulations, greatly limiting our sunscreen options. Resident skincare expert, Dr. Lisa Kellett explains that in Canada, sunscreen “… needs to have a drug identification number. They have to be approved by Health Canada before they can be sold in Canada. It’s a process, it’s very expensive and very labour-intensive.”

This should put your mind at ease, knowing all the products on Canadian shelves are great for our health and skin. However, it doesn’t make it any less disappointing that it-girl brands such as Glossier’s sunscreen can’t even be shipped here. Fret not though, slowly but surely popular American sunscreen brands are making their way up North.

Sephora Canada just started carrying Drunk Elephant products, including their sunscreen which is celebrated for its lack of chemical filters. No unnecessary fragrances or silicones make this sunscreen a potential dream for all you sensitive-skinned ladies. And if their fun and bold packaging isn’t enough to catch your eye, they also carry a tinted moisturizer option.

Just to clarify, no ‘chemical filters’ doesn’t mean no chemicals, period. Dr Kellett explains, “They all have chemicals. Titanium oxide and zinc oxide [the primary ingredient in Umbra Sheer Physical Defense] are chemicals that work to reflect light off of the surface of the skin. People may think it’s not a chemical, but it is,” However, rather than the chemical-sunscreens we’re often used to, Drunk elephant’s product uses non-reactive zinc oxide, much easier on sensitive skin.

So next time you pop into Sephora to pick up the latest lipstick shade, remember that the starting point of all beauty is healthy skin. Increased options in the sunscreen industry can do nothing but good. Whether you choose Neutrogena, Drunk Elephant or Glossier, integrating sunscreen into your daily, year-round routine is crucial to your skin’s health.

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