Sunscreen Spoof

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Sunscreen Spoof

So you want to be sexier? I hate that we live in a world where sex sells but sometimes showing some skin gets a valuable message across. In this case I’m objectifying one of my dearest girlfriends in this video below (thanks D!) to promote something you should be wearing every day this summer: Sunscreen. Specifically look for one that says ‘broad-spectrum’ with an SPF of at least 30; the general recommended amount from our derm is a shot glass full for your whole body (with a teaspoon of it for your face and neck). Not only will you be warding off premature aging but  you will also be minimizing your chance of getting skin cancer. Check your risk factors here. And if you’re already embracing flip flops season, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your toes – let Bob Marley’s Acral lentigious melanoma remind you that when the Sun is Shining be safe.

Enjoy this short video, which you might find amusing to know was shot on-the-fly by me in my girlfriend’s five-year-old daughter’s bedroom (she’s a mother of three!). In the original footage, all of her kids can be heard in the background screaming for attention plus me giggling in between takes. This non-sexy noise was expertly muted by our awesome video editor Julian Cardozo.

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