Sunburn Art

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Sunburn Art

By Jaclyn Baker

Okay, I admit I’m into social media trends as much as the next person. It’s fun to explore what hashtags are trending, and participate in them too. It’s crazy to think we’ve gotten to the point that we need to be make sure our favorite hashtags are safe for our health.

For those of you who may not know already, there is a new hashtag trending called #sunburnart.

People are instagraming the unique patterns from their sunburns. This is being done on purpose by strategically applying their sunscreen in a design, resulting in #sunburnart.

Obviously these people didn’t get this memo from our go-to derm:

DLK Tattoo

Why risk skin cancer when we have so many safe alternatives to achieving a tanned complexion? I’m going to show one of those methods. Below is my step-by-step guide to achieving#safesunburnart  sunburn art, without the burn.


  • Packs of stencils in any pattern you like (Michaels, Dollar Store, Walmart).

step supplies

  • Self-tanners from a beauty supply (Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply).

self tanner

  • Your favorite sunblock. Broad spectrum with SPF 30, preferred for ultimate protection.

step 2


  • Start with clean skin.

step 1a

  • Apply your favorite sunblock all over!

step 2 a

  • Place the stencil on the part of your body you want to mimic the appearance of #spraytanart.

step 1

  • Fill in the stencil with your self tanner. Wait for the tanner to fully dry.
  • Rock your safe #sunburnart and be an Instagram star! Repeat as needed to maintain.

safe sunburn results

That is it, super easy, and most of all safe! Remember there are ways to participate in trends or activities, they may just require a little tweaking. Have fun with your #safesunburnart, looking forward to seeing all of your designs.

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About the Author Jaclyn Baker is a Toronto-based content creator who channels her beauty obsession by creating beauty videos on YouTube, and spends a majority of time in makeup stores. Visit her website at

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