Got burned?

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Got burned?

Sun-starved Canadians are known to soak up the rays on the first long weekend of the summer. And even the most diligent sunscreen user can sometimes miss a spot and end up with a burn. Here are some things you can do to heal the inflammation and what to avoid to prevent further inflammation.


If skin is inflamed, get relief by applying a cold compress or an after-sun lotion that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as aloe.

If you have a severe burn that blisters, consult a dermatologist. “There are prescription topical medications we can prescribe to drastically reduce the effects of a sunburn,” says our go-to dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett.

Stay out of the sun until the burn heals, and keep your skin clean, cool and well hydrated.


Take hot showers or baths.

Use fragrance-heavy products.

Apply skincare with aggressive active ingredients—like glycolic acid or retinol—until the burn is clear.


Don’t take sunburns lightly, warns Dr. Kellett: “One blistering sunburn before the age of 18 doubles your risk of malignant melanoma later in life. And that’s one!”


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