My Spray Tan

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My Spray Tan

Do I look like a cheerleader with my new spray tan? I should because I saw woman behind the gun responsible for the faux glow of the Toronto Raptor’s cheerleaders.

Sindy Sun is a “Certified Turbo Spray Tan Artist” and operates InsTANt Attraction out of her stunning penthouse by Toronto’s Harbourfront. Sun (an alias, you think?) uses the same proprietary formula touted by Allure magazine as the best spray tan formula; reportedly worn by celebrities like Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, and the Karadashian girls. Along with this certified organic solution, Sindy has also developed her own proprietary solution and will be launching that in the coming months. This new blend will be unique in the spray tan industry because it contains additional anti-aging ingredients, including:

  • Eco Cert Aloe Vera –  for hydration.
  • Matrixyl 3000 –  a peptide that helps reduce wrinkles; known as the alternative to Botox Injections.
  • Mix of antioxidants –  for skin repair.
  • Non-Caramel Bronzers – produces brown skin that is guaranteed not to be sticky or tacky.

Sun was wearing this new formula when I met her. It was a believable deep bronze.

I’m not a tanner

Looking tanned is totally out of character for me, but I decided to take Sun up on her offer to try her spray tan for an appearance on E! online (to talk about super foods for skin health). It’s a celebrity show so I thought might as well try to look like one, just for a few days. Plus I need to try everything once for research, right? Generally, though, I don’t care to look tanned. Staying out of the sun is a priority for me now that I’ve become obsessed with reversing all the sun-damage I’ve caused in my twenties with foto facials and pharmaceutical-grade skincare (brighteners like vitamin C, kojic acid, and hydroquinone are my new best friends). I cringe at the sight of sun worshippers on the beach, like this fine lady…

So I’m very much against sunbathing, and not totally for fake bakes either, UNLESS you do it with an air brush technician, not from a machine (recall Mystic Tans?). Why? According to Sun, “The formulation used in some tanning booth spray solutions may contain chemical ingredients that are harmful and has the potential to cause genetic alterations and DNA damage. This is if the solution has a higher than 14% concentration of DHA. Since DHA is approved for cosmetic use, doctors recommend to not ingest the solution and to avoid that by having a well ventilated room, use nose plugs, closing the eyes and to use lip balm.”

I remember feeling claustrophobic the first time I was in a Mystic Tan machine at a tanning salon. I was so freaked out that I held my breath throughout, thinking I might pass out open-mouthed, allowing the toxic solution to creep into my bloodstream and kill me slowly. When the session was over I wanted out of the pod so bad that I nearly knocked the door down. I felt like I had escaped out of a coffin. Dramatic, sure. But that fear has kept me away from spray tan machines since. Humans are the way to go with spray tans!

Oh and if you’re concerned with baring it all, don’t be bashful, spray tan technicians have seen it all. You can also wear a bikini, like I did.

The Spray Tan Process

Pre spray: I was advised to exfoliate with a non-oily cleanser a few hours before at home.

During: Wearing a bandeau top and bikini bottoms, I stepped into a bright and well-ventillatied room, where Sindy used a spray gun to cover each body part twice, ending with my face, where I was told to close my eyes gently and hold my breath for less than five seconds. The whole process takes about five minutes. After the spray session, I stood in front of a fan to let the solution sink in…

Post spray: My tan was streak-free, non sticky, and surprisingly natural-looking. I didn’t like like a pumpkin! Check out the difference…

And I couldn’t get over was how white my teeth looked against my skin…

5 hours later: I had a beauty event to attend at Holt Renfrew. There were many other beauty bloggers there, but none as tanned as me. Here I am looking fifty shades darker than JJ Cowan of

The next day: I also looked really dark compared to the lovely host…

If you’re looking to get a fabulous faux glow for an event, book it with Sindy Sun. I approve! Visit her website here.





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