Smoothies for Great Skin

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Smoothies for Great Skin

Four Smoothie Ingredients for Flawless Skin

Great skin starts with proper nutrition; all the treatments in the world are no replacement for nourishing your body from the inside out. Although giving your body what it needs to generate new skin cells and improve plasticity and radiance isn’t a quick fix, it’s the best way to create a smooth and healthy complexion in the long term. Smoothies are a great way of squeezing in as many nutrient-dense, skin improving foods as possible every single day, being easy to make and palatable to drink. Here are four of the best, and some that should definitely be avoided.

What not to include

Ingredients to avoid in your smoothies: low-quality, dried products that lack many of the essential nutrients available in their fresh counterparts; store-bought juices or liquids that are highly processed and have sugar added; and too much fat, even if it is in the right form. All of these things will do more harm than help, adding to the sugar and fat fuelled craze that’s causing two out of every three people in the US to suffer from obesity, among a range of other health problems.

What to include

Cocoa nibs

A great ingredient for beginners who want to start out with smoothies but aren’t quite up to bright-green super-sludge yet, cocoa nibs can be combined with unsweetened coconut water and half a banana for a quick boost. Cocoa can hydrate your skin, making it suppler and firmer; plus, it contains flavanols, antioxidants that can help protect your skin from the aging effects of the sun.


The perfect addition to any fruity smoothie, pomegranate is bursting with polyphenol antioxidants which fight damaging free radicals and help encourage good circulation, giving you that fresh flush that’s so attractive.


Aside from being some of the lowest carb fruits out there, which is good news for your efforts to maintain a healthy weight, berries are incredibly high in vitamin C. A handful of strawberries, blackcurrants, or blueberries added to a smoothie will give you a boost of this nutrient that will boost your immune system and skin tone. It will also help blemishes heal and produce collagen to strengthen the capillaries that provide the skin with its blood supply.

Nut butter

Unprocessed, unsalted nut butters are a great way of getting your daily boost of vitamin E in a format that’s easy for your body to process. Alternatively, mill your own nuts before adding to the blender. Vitamin E is one of the most crucial nutrients for great skin, protecting it from oxidative damage (where the cells are affected by aging) as well as promoting the growth of new skin cells.

Guest written for The Skiny by Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer

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