Skincare in Makeup

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Skincare in Makeup

By Jaclyn Baker

Seriously think about it, what is the most important factor to consider when buying face makeup? Is it the brand, the packaging, the price? No, it is the ingredients! For us skincare junkies, our makeup not only needs to look amazing, but it should be amazing for your skin. I am going to share with you my shopping list of 5 Must-Have Ingredients For Face Makeup.

1) Titanium Dioxide/ Zinc Oxide: I cannot begin to explain how important these two ingredients are. These are the ingredients in sunscreen that protect our skin from the sun. By properly protecting our skin we can prevent cellular damage that can lead to  skin cancer and early signs of aging. That sounds pretty good if you ask me.

2) Arbutin: If you ever see a product with Arbutin get it, and get it quick! This ingredient brightens and evens the skin tone. One of the main reasons I wear foundation is to brighten and even my skin; by using products with Arbutin I am killing two birds with one stone.

3) Aloe Vera: We can literally talk about this ingredient all day, but lets just cut to the chase. It is extremely hydrating and healing to the skin. So I just need to say, Aloe Vera, you’re awesome.

4) Vitamin C: Now if only there was an ingredient that not only brightens, but also provides antioxidant defense… Oh wait there is! Thank you Vitamin C.

5) Vitamin E: This ingredient has two of my favorite skin benefits wrapped into one. It moisturizes and is anti aging! If I was stranded on a desert island and could only bring products with 1 ingredient, it would definitely be Vitamin E.

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About the Author Jaclyn Baker is a Toronto-based content creator who channels her beauty obsession by creating beauty videos on YouTube, and spends a majority of time in makeup stores. Visit her website at

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