Why a pump bottle?

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Why a pump bottle?

Reader Anne C. asks, “Why do the Kellett Skincare products come in pump bottles?”


There are several reasons, but the main reason, says Dr. Lisa Kellett is “to prevent oxidization and to keep the active ingredients stable.”

The full range of products, with the exception of the Polishing Gel Cleanser tube, and the bottled antioxidant serums, are packaged in airless pump technology to maintain the integrity and efficacy of the high-end anti-aging and natural ingredients used in each product. Both the Clear line (for acne and wrinkles) and Reflect line (for dry aging skin) contain compounds such as peptides, enzymes, naturally-derived anti-inflammatories and pigment-busting fruit and tea extracts. And in the case of the Clarifying Acne Treatment, the medicinal ingredient benzoyl peroxide is used in a 5% concentration.

Because the ingredients are formulated with results-targeted concentrations (high percentages) and contain little or no preservatives (e.g. Parabens), these products can be sensitive to contamination from exposure to air, light, and icky fingers. The skin creams that our mother and grandmothers used were most likely packaged in a jar, which many skin experts consider to be non-hygienic since the user is continuously dipping her fingers into the jar and opening it and exposing it to air.

Another plus of airless pump bottles is that you get controlled, repeatable dosages. Think about it: How often do you use way more than product than you really need? Trying to remember whether it’s a dime-size or a quarter-size amount for every single cream isn’t fun, especially if you’re short on time in the mornings or too tired at the end of the day to care about a “skin care ritual.” Airless pump packaging solves that problem by dispensing the precise amount of product. For example, a single pump of the Clarifying Acne Treatment may be all you need for those pre-menstrual chin break outs. Half a pump of the Intensive Radiance Eye cream is enough to cover the delicate skin around both eyes. Using too much eye cream can cause stubborn milia bumps around the eyes (guilty of this!).

In a nutshell, skin care that is contained in airless pump bottles are generally more “sophisticated.” That is, they are designed to be more skin-friendly and user-friendly, making it easier to use correctly, so you can reap the full results.


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