Tag, Your Skin!

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Tag, Your Skin!

Toronto-based Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett gives us The Skiny on skin tags.

What is a skin tag?
Skin tags are an over growth of normal tissue. They tend to stick out above the surface of the skin. They are benign in nature; and can be permanent.

Where are skin tags commonly found on the body?
Anywhere that it is moist, covered, and folded. In other words, in areas on the body that are intertriginous, which means folded areas such as the neck, underneath the arm, breasts and groin.

Who gets skin tags?
Anyone of all ethnicities.

When is it common for people to get skin tags?
Generally they come with age and skin tags are very common after pregnancy.

How do you treat skin tags?
I do not recommend freezing them off as this can cause some blistering. I use electrodessication, which is the use of a tiny electric needle that heats it enough so that it falls off. Both the procedure and healing time is very quick. The patient leaves with a small bandaid on the spot and is told to apply Polysporin on the spot twice a day.

Skin tag removal

Dr. Lisa Kellett removing a skin tag from a woman’s underarm.



Skin tags do not cause pain but can get irritated when rubbed against clothing.

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