Skin Balm

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Skin Balm

Winter Skincare Spotlight: The Skin Balm

Written by Kelsey McGillis

No matter how hard we might try and avoid it, winter is always around the corner. With the dog days of summer seemingly years behind us, and the final leaves of fall, well – falling…it’s time to get ready for the dreaded coldest months. Our tans have officially faded, and it’s time to not only protect your skin from the sun but also the sleet, snow and wind. Here enters your new skin BFF – the balm.

A multi-purpose, multi-functional saviour, the balm is a humble hero in the skincare world. Fans of the product date as far back as 40 B.C. – even Cleopatra was known to coat her skin in an early version of the balm – made from beeswax, animal fat and olive oil. Modern balms forego the animal fats and are typically formulated with antioxidants (to moisturize without leaving oily residue), peptides (to cool and soothe), and emolitents (to lock moisture in).

In the winter months, we not only battle outdoor elements like low humidity, wind and cold temperatures but also indoor “forced-air heating. [which all] contribute to trans epidermal [through the skin] water loss, and flakier or drier skin.” Says resident skincare expert Dr. Lisa Kellett.

The solution comes in the wondrous multi-purpose balm. Thicker and denser than traditional lotions, “They form a protective barrier on top of the skin to decrease trans epidermal water loss and to hydrate the skin,” says Kellett.

Swapping your body milk or liquid lotion for a thicker balm is a quick solution for winter skin dilemmas. Tins, tubes and stick – balms prove that good things truly do come in small packages – and make great stocking stuffers.  So don’t forget to hint accordingly!

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