Simon Cowell Update

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Simon Cowell Update

The Truth Behind Simon Cowell’s Face

with Sina Bari, MD.

Written by Carlyn

What Happened to Simon Cowell’s Face?

Stanford Hospital Clinics, March 23

Source: Quora:

Simon Cowell is seen with a botched looking plastic surgery facelift.

“Starting from the top and working down:

  • Overall skin – he’s lost the texture that is appropriate for someone his age. I would guess this is overuse of resurfacing treatments like Laser or IPL. This has resulted in a waxy, homogenous texture that loses the subtleties that are necessary for delineating the different zones and subunits of the face (e.g. nasal sidewalls vs. cheeks vs. lower lid)
  • At some point he has had complications w/ upper eyelid surgery and this has resulted in scarring down of the lateral part of each eyelid. Eyelids are incredibly delicate and scarring, once occurred, can be extremely difficult to fix. You can see the tethering of scar tissue especially in his left temple. He always had ptotic or low upper lids which is often seen favorably as “bedroom eyes”. This may have worsened with age causing vision obstruction and leading to the initial eyelid surgery for correction.

Simon Cowell is seen looking very creepy after multiple botched plastic surgery attempts.

  • Possibly to correct the scarring issue, he may have had a forehead lift to try to reduce some of the weight of the upper lids. This has resulted in a unfortunate rounding of the eyebrows which is not masculine. Ideally, brow lifts in men should account for the difference in male vs female brow shape and position. He may have tried to shape the brow with hair removal to lessen this effect but now they look manicured and too spaced apart.
  • His midface is plagued by migrated and liquified filler that has lost any prominence. He historically had very strong cheekbones and likely attempted to keep that look over time with filler. This filler has unfortunately migrated down and flattened over time creating a cartoonish bloated “pillow-face” look.
  • The overuse of filler continues to his NL folds and he loses definition around his mouth.

Long story short, he has a combination of over-correction of skin texture changes and volume loss with too much resurfacing and filler and likely surgical complications of attempted congenital ptosis (droopy eyelid) correction.”

– Sina Bari MD from Stanford Hospital Clinics

March 23

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