Should I get CoolSculpting?

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Should I get CoolSculpting?

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Q: I heard about this new body treatment called CoolSculpting where they freeze off your fat cells. I am about 10 pounds overweight and exercise twice a week but still have some jiggly spots on my abdomen and back that won’t budge. Am I a good candidate for this treatment?  

A: CoolSculpting is best for individuals who are at, or within 5-10 pounds of, their ideal weight and who are looking for spot reduction of problematic areas resistant to diet and exercise. If you are hoping to achieve overall weight loss, we suggest you focus on that first, and come back for treatment when you are closer to your ideal weight. This procedure won’t promote overall weight loss, but it can be very effective for treating those bothersome little areas that seem to persist no matter how hard you try.

DrFrankListaAbout the Expert Dr. Frank Lista, MD, FRCS(C), is one of North America’s foremost Plastic Surgeons, and Founder and Medical Director of The Plastic Surgery Clinic, one of Canada’s busiest and largest clinics located in Mississauga and Toronto.  Dr. Lista is internationally recognized as a pioneer in new techniques for breast reduction, breast augmentation, gynecomastia, and operating room efficiency. For more on CoolSculpting, click here.


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