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Faux Glow for women on-the-Go

Written by Kelsey McGillis

With winter definitively upon us, and sunshine becoming nothing but a distant memory, many are left missing their summer glow and radiance. But with so many options for faux-tans on the shelves, there’s no need to book that flight to Aruba to get your tan on. We checked in with resident skincare expert Dr. Lisa Kellett to get her take on mastering your self-tanning routine.

Start with a clean slate by exfoliating and prepping your skin for the products to come. To allow all the self-tan to be applied evenly and properly soak in, start with an oil-free scrub.

Test spot
Before diving in head-first and risking a look that’s more orange (think POTUS) than glowing, test your product out. A test spot in a discreet spot can show you just how a product will develop and appear on your skin. Remember, the colour that goes on isn’t the same that will eventually show up – most products take 6-8 hours to attain their true colour.

When it comes to picking a product, it truly is not a one-size-fits-all situation. “It’s important to find something that is great for your skin colour,” Experiment with different brands and products, and try using them in different quantities, advises Dr. Kellett.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that even if you’re applying a self-tanning product daily, it isn’t providing any protection from the actual sun. “Even though you’re getting a glow to your skin with it, it is not protecting your skin,” warns Kellett. “So you do need to use some sort of sun block with it.”

Vitamin D
Remember, even if your skin tone screams tropical vacation, you did miss out on the essential vitamins that come from the sun. Pair your self-tanning routine with a Vitamin D supplement for a glow from the inside out that’ll last all winter.


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