Sebaceous hyperplasia removal

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Sebaceous hyperplasia removal

Sebaceous hyperplasia removal: getting rid of those pesky skin bumps

Guest Written by Kelsey McGillis

Sebaceous hyperplasia…. sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? In reality, sebaceous hyperplasia is the scientific term for those pesky skin bumps that many middle aged people begin to notice popping up. These bumps might look like the everyday pimple, but are often difficult to remove on your own. Caused by over-active sebaceous glands (your skin’s oil production system), they appear as small white or yellow raised spots. Though they can be found on their own, many people find the bumps appearing in clusters, often on the nose, cheeks or forehead.  But there’s hope, we got The Skiny from one of our resident experts on sebaceous hyperplasia removal.

Though irritating aesthetically, these bumps don’t actually pose a health risk and can be very quickly fixed by a professional. As seen in this short video, Toronto Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett gets rid of one man’s sebaceous hyperplasia in a quick 5 second countdown. Using an electrodessication device, the procedure is short and relatively painless. Following removal, healing time is normally a week for the spot to disappear without a trace or scar in its place.

They might seem like a hassle, but sebaceous hyperplasia can be fixed with a quick and easy visit to your dermatologist. 5 seconds can save you the discomfort these pesky bumps might cause you; worth it in anyone’s eyes.

Watch how easy it is to say good-bye to Sebaceous hyperplasia in the video below

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