Needleless Mesotherapy

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Needleless Mesotherapy

“It won’t hurt at all,” said Beata, my European facialist at Revive Med Spa in uptown Toronto.

Lies. The Needless Mesotherapy treatment ($190), used to improve skin conditions like acne scars and pigmentation by manually exfoliating the surface of the skin with a marine-based solution, feels more like getting your face rubbed with coarse sandpaper. The actual scrubbing is only a minute long (longer with each successive treatment) but it can seem like forever.

I decided to give this treatment a try after a year of getting monthly microdermabrasion. After lamenting about the stubborn acne scars that have bugged me since my teens, Beata told me, straight up, micro isn’t enough! Microdermabrasion  – which feels like a little vacuum gliding over your skin, scratching and sucking off the dead skin cells – does not create enough trauma to the skin in order to force it to heal and enable the growth of new healthy skin. So I put my trust into her hands, and I’ve had three treatments to date so far, spaced a month apart. I combine it with micro beforehand. Getting both treatments back-to-back is safe and is recommended for reducing deep scarring.


  •  Microdermabrasion first.
  • Aesthetician mixes together a green powder and gel in the palms of her hands to activate the solution.  
  • She then gently rubs the scrub on areas of the face in a circular motion, concentrating on problem spots. This is when you curse the gods. The whole process can take anywhere between 1 minute to 7, depending on your pain tolerance and concern. I’ve had three treatments so far; first two times were a minute long, second was 5.
  • After the slough session, aesthetician slathers on a nice calming mask and leaves it on for 10 minutes. Cue sigh of relief.
  • After the mask is wiped off – which actually hurts since your skin now has these tiny foreign substances trapped underneath working like a ‘natural needle’ to push or detoxify them outwards – the aesthetician puts on sunscreen on your face.

Post treatment

Immediately afterwards, my face felt numb and looked slightly raw. It hurt to put on my baseball cap because my forehead was sore to the touch. Beata focused on my forehead because it is where most of my imperfections are located: fine lines, a pockmark, plus a scar from playing a mean game of dodgeball (you should’ve seen the other guy). But she also treated my cheeks and sides of my face too.

For about four days, my face peeled and felt like it was riddled with tiny splinters. Imagine, if you can, smothering your face with Fiberglass, that pink prickly material used to insulate walls from the cold. I had to sleep on my special pillow.


Worth it?

Too early to tell. It takes 4-6 treatments to notice significant change. I’ve only had three so far. What I can conclude is that I found that the plumping effect on scars is immediate, and you get a nice-looking glow after you’re done shedding. My next appointment is just around the corner (with 7 minutes of scrubbing scheduled). I’ll report back after my sixth treatment. Stay tuned!

For more info on Needleless Meso Therapy, click here.

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