The $159 pillow

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The $159 pillow

Memory foam pillows make me think of my mother. Which is probably why I avoided them as an adult. She’s a big believer in sleeping on rock-hard mattresses and pillows to maintain a healthy back and neck. She sleeps on her back, like a vampire.

I, on the other hand, perhaps in defiance, prefer to sleep on super soft pillows on my right side. Always on the right, which has lead to many mornings of me dashing to work with sleep creases on the right side of my face. These crinkles, as I call them, usually go away after an hour but lately they hang around for much longer.

Le sigh. Aging!

I decided to give the enVy pillow a try. Created by two nurses, this memory foam pillow is marketed as the anti-aging/wellness pillow. It is scooped down the middle, where your head goes, to encourage you to sleep on your back in order to minimize face-to-pillow contact. The patented ‘V’ shape (I guess that’s what the capital ‘V’ in the name stands for) also allows you to lay on your side, leaving your face subtly tipped away from the pillow. Key to reducing crinkles! Sleeping this way is also recommended after getting a procedure, such as the time I got a peel that left my face feeling like it got smothered with fiberglass. My face was sore to the touch for a full week! This is when I really started to appreciate my enVy pillow, which until then, was tucked behind my plushy favourites on my bed. (Once, I even used it as a booster seat for my friend’s kid). During my week of recovery, I forced myself to sleep like a vampire on the enVy, trying not to roll over on my side.

My boyfriend commented that I looked like Mr. Burns.

My results

To my surprise, my neck pain from working in front of a computer all day was relieved. And my chiropractor commented that my posture was looking good. Not that I had horrible posture to begin with, but he said it was slightly better than before. In terms of sleep quality, I do find that I get sounder sleep on the enVy compared to my down-filled pillows.

Now this didn’t happen overnight. It took me about eight months to notice these changes. However by comfort default, I still like to roll over on my right side every so often, but I am definitely more cognizant of the value of my new bed buddy.

Isn’t he sexy all wrapped up in silk?

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