Dermalogica Shaving System

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Dermalogica Shaving System

By Brian Greenwood

I was stoked to take the opportunity to test out a spa-grade shaving system to see how it compared to my typical Gillette shaving foam.

One of the most liberating changes I’ve made in the past year has been to grow out my scruff through the week, which culminates with my Sunday shaving ritual. Throughout the week I shave the stubble from check bones and neck portion of my beard every other day. At the end of the week the whiskers of my beard are a veritable force for my razor to contend with.

In the past I’ve shaved daily which caused chaffing and irritation around my lips as well as having issues with red irritated patches in the crease between my jowls and neck. I’ve tried shaving up, shaving down, hot and cold water, gel and foam creams, old and new razors; all with the same result.

Enter the Dermalogica shaving system consisting of their Pre-Shave Guard and the Soothing Shave Cream.

Product Claim

The pre-shave guard’s function is to soften and lift the beard to make it an easier, closer shave as well as shield the skin from razor burn and bumps.  The soothing shave cream provides further protection allowing for a close shave as well as lubricating/soothing the skin to aid in the post shave recovery process.

My Experience

The first thing I noticed was the clean fresh clover scent of the pre-guard; reminiscent of Noxzema.  It is packaged in a stick, similar to a deodorant, which I spread as a foundation over the most sensitive regions, followed up by applying the shaving cream over top.

The thick concentrated shaving cream is squished out of the toothpaste like squeeze bottle.  When combined with the neck protector it spreads fairly evenly across the face.  I never felt quite sure how much cream to put on, whether I was being too liberal or conservative with my application.  With typical shaving foam it’s easy to tell how much to use because you simply spread it all over your face until you can’t see your skin.

After using it for about a month I realized that my initial approval had turned to an anticipation of my shaving days. I realize I was hooked the day I sent my partner a text reading, “I think I gave myself the best neck shave I’ve ever had.  It’s so smooth.”  Seriously, I couldn’t stop stroking my neck.

As I used the creams more I became more confident in my shaving strokes along my neck.  Most men know the unstoppable knick of the Adam’s apple which refuses to stop bleeding and I’m glad to report that I didn’t have that problem once while using this system (with old and new razors).

My skin always felt pleasantly tight and moisturized with a slight tingling sensation afterwards which lasts well into the day.  I had significantly less redness along the neck portion with this system.

The only detriment to the system is that it’s a bit more time consuming to apply multiple products to the process of shaving. For men who are used to slapping on foam and dragging a razor across their face in the most time efficient manner, applying the multiple products may not be appealing. But in my opinion trade-off is worth it because the end result is a better, closer shave.

Rating: 8.5/10

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