ProFractional Laser

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ProFractional Laser

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the ProFractional laser treatment.  It makes your skin like that of a baby again, and it’s even referred to as the HD skin treatment, because your skin will look good in high-definition!

I clearly had to find out what this sorcery is and if it was really legit! Check out this video to give you an idea.

…yeah, now I want it too.





So what is it?

The ProFractional Laser is a micro laser beam that is used to get rids of wrinkles, tighten skin, soften scars, reduce brown spots, and sun damage.


How does it work?

This laser treatment is totally surgery-free and injection free!

A numbing cream goes on your skin to help with any discomfort during the procedure. Then the treatment begins. The laser targets the damaged skin and creates thousands of tiny micro channels beneath this skins surface. Imagine your skin with tiny holes (like a tea bag). Your skin will heal all of these micro channels, which produces new collagen, and tightens the skin. Because this is your own skin healing itself and not a filler, the results are permanent.

What results can you expect?

Immediately after the procedure it will look and feel like you have gotten a bad sunburn. You will need to take a few days off, so pamper yourself with some Netflix binging.  Healing takes 2 to 4 days, and you can go back to work and wear make-up in 2 to 3 days.

Depending on your skin and the severity of damage an expert dermatologist will recommend 3 to 6 treatments that are spaced out 4 to 6 weeks.

It can be pricey costing anywhere from $900 and up, but I think the results speak for themselves.



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