Pregnancy Skin Care

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Pregnancy Skin Care

Baby bumps were aplenty at last night’s Golden Globes. We couldn’t help but admire the gorgeous pregnancy glow on Olivia Wilde, Kerry Washington, and Drew Barrymore.  These three stars prove that you can have amazing skin while knocked up. If you’ve got a bun in the oven, follow these pregnancy skin care tips from our go-to dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett:

Simplify your routine. Avoid trying new products during pregnancy because your skin may have increased sensitivity. Not all your favorite lotions and potions may be safe when you’re expecting, so check with your doctor before applying any topical treatments.

Don’t skip sunscreen. Wear sun block with SPF 30 and a hat, even if it looks cloudy. Due to an increase in estrogen in pregnant women, there is a risk of hyperpigmentation (melasma), which is worsened by sun exposure.

Moisturize more. Many women experience increased dryness during pregnancy. Apply moisturizer to damp skin to increase its absorption.

Drink lots of water and eat well. Try to maintain a consistent weight gain throughout, as a quick gain over a short time may increase your risk for stretch marks.

Not getting that mom-to-be glow? Not everyone experiences the perk of pregnancy glow. “Your hormones can wreak havoc on your skin during pregnancy and may be responsible for both an increase in acne and an increase in pigment,” says Dr. Kellett. “Some people find their acne gets better, and others find it gets worse,” she says. “It’s very individualized.” And, thanks to an increase in pigment you may notice that your moles get darker, or that you begin to see signs of melasma, or “the mask of pregnancy.” Dr. Kellett shares her top tips for caring for problematic skin safely during pregnancy:

Control your acne. If you’re more prone to breakouts, you may need to alter your skincare routine. Vigorous washing or scrubbing can make things worse, so wash with a gentle cleanser and warm water twice a day, then pat your skin dry. And, when it comes to treating your acne, talk to your dermatologist before applying your favourite blemish banisher; it may not be a safe option during pregnancy.

Exfoliate at the clinic. Diamond-tipped microdermabrasion (a.k.a. “diamond peels“) is a type of mechanical exfoliation that help get skin cells turning over to improve the overall look of your complexion. Not only is this in-clinic treatment safe to do during pregnancy, it feels relaxing and leaves your skin feeling extremely clean.



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