Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery

As much as we love lasers, peels, and fillers, there may come a time when these clock-turning tools might not be enough. When is the right time to consider plastic surgery? Dr. Sean Rice, a renowned plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon offers his insight. 

Non Invasive procedures have become very common in the last few years, particularly as technology has advanced.

It is not uncommon for both women and men to begin their journey into cosmetic surgery by using fillers.  Fillers are used to restore volume particularly in the area of the cheeks or lips. These are simple procedures that can be performed in a short time period with minimal downtime.

As the years go by, the quality of our skin begins to show our age. Another common procedure that we perform is laser skin resurfacing. The role of the laser is to remove damaged skin and stimulate new collagen growth. This brings back a freshness to the skin and can help in removing fine wrinkles and skin blemishes.

There are a variety of external skin tightening procedures that are available; the most common ones use a radio frequency to cause the skin to tighten. These tend to work well on slightly loose skin but require a maintenance program.

There comes a point in time where these non-invasive procedures don’t work anymore and one must consider plastic surgery or “going under the knife”. That point comes at different times for each individual. However, it really comes down to laxity of the skin and its facial structures.

Let’s say your jowls begin to droop or your eyelids hang down and people start to comment that you look tired or angry all the time. This is probably the time to consider plastic surgery.  When your appearance is altered by loose skin, fillers or external skin tightening machines probably won’t work anymore. There is no “golden time” to consider plastic surgery. I have performed face lifts on people in their 40’s all the way to 80’s, everyone is an individual.

It is not uncommon that a facelift is done in combination with laser skin resurfacing; as one will tighten the skin and the other bring back a nice glow.

When considering surgery make sure you get an opinion from a qualified surgeon and know what is involved for both the surgery and the recovery time.

Dr Rice

About the Expert Sean Rice, B.A. (Hons), M.D., M.S.c., F.R.C.S.C. is the founder of Rice Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto. Dr. Rice specializes in a comprehensive array of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures including breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, endoscopic facelift, body contouring after weight loss, laser tattoo removal as well as non-surgical treatments. Follow him on Twitter @dr_seanrice

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