Pimple Poppers

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Pimple Poppers

Pimple poppers are everywhere, and they’re not exclusive to the fetish cornucopia that is YouTube.  When I tell people that I’m the editor of a skincare site, the topic of extreme satisfaction after popping a huge zit always pops up (no pun intended). Gross, yes? But get this, a few days later I’ll receive a text or email from said person asking for help. My top product pick? My dermatologist’s Acne Clarifying Treatment ($75, kellettskincare.com) is a gel-based 5% benzoyl peroxide formula that kills acne-causing bacteria without stripping your skin dry. Not only will it demolish a bulging red zit or a hidden cystic pimple within 1-3 days, but when used regularly as a night cream, breakouts will become less frequent over time. It’s some kind of miracle cream, if you ask me! Use it and you’ll never feel the need to pick, prod, or pop again. Unless you’re into that, like this couple in this video below.

Video edited by Julian Cardozo. Special thanks to Rachel, Brad, Chad, Wayne, George, and Dr. Lisa Kellett.

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