Perfect Skin for Every Skin Type

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Perfect Skin for Every Skin Type

For me, acne has always been my number one skin issue. It started in my teens, as it does for many people, and decided to resurface in adulthood after going off the birth control pill. After a decade of embarrassing pimples popping up over night and being desperate to hide them, I decided I needed to find a solution. Is perfect skin possible?

I was speaking with my girlfriends complaining about my hormonal breakouts and acne scars. I thought acne was the only skin problem people suffered with, but was I ever wrong! It was just like that scene in the movie Mean Girls:


My one friend had dark circles that never seemed to go away no matter how much sleep she got. She said that her skin was so dry she was going through gallons of moisturiser and pots of chap stick for her cracked lips constantly, nothing helped. This led my other girlfriend to chime in about her problem of super oily skin, she laughed, “I know the dewy look is in, but my face looks like I’m always just leaving a hot Yoga class!” Lastly, being in our late twenties we agreed that fine-lines were starting to appear where they weren’t a couple years ago.

In a way, it made me happy that I wasn’t alone and we could all relate to wanted to improve our skin, but it also made me think – we need to stop the suffering! I was lucky enough to interview the Skiny’s go-to Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett and ask her about common skin issues. From speaking with her, I realised that there is no one product that will work for you, your best friend, your mom and your sister – the best bet is to work with an expert to determine your perfect skin prescription.

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After some extensive research, we’ve come up with some solutions for the most common skin complaints.

The Twenty – Something: Always on the go; From Barre class to work meetings to happy hour. Work hard and play harder. Trying to do it all, and maintain perfect skin is tough with all the early morning wake-ups and late nights out (and maybe hangovers.) Not to mention wacky hormones from birth control and a busy-girl less than optimal diet of take-away and coffee.

Major Complaints: Acne, Dry or Oily Skin, Aging.

What to look at: The type of cosmetics that you’re using. If they are too rich, they can cause break-outs. Birth Control and Medications can cause different skin reactions so ask your doctor about potential side effects, or speak with your dermatologist. Alcohol and coffee, these tend to dehydrate you so limit as much as possible and make sure to hydrate with lots of water. A diet full-of leafy greens, coloured vegetables, fruit, lean proteins and good fats will keep your skin glowing.



Mother Nature: This is your friend who’s always wanting to meet up and go hiking on the weekend.You can find her at the beach playing volleyball on a summer day, sipping a cold Kombucha. She swears off dairy, gluten, sugar, anything non-organic and loves recipes from the blog Goop. Her beauty spirit animal is Jessica Alba, think less is more.

Major Complaints: Brightening, Aging, Parabens.

What to look at: These are the ladies who have spent a lot of time in the great outdoors and perhaps not paid much attention to sunscreen. We know the sun is the number one cause of premature aging, and can cause uneven pigmentation of the skin. We recommend they remember to use a SPF of 30+ every day as well as wear a hat while participating in outdoor activities.

A serum containing Vitamin C is the best bet to improve overall skin tone and enhance brightness and a serum containing Vitamin A is the best for anti-aging. There are lots of products on the market these days that are all natural, so they don’t need to stress about harmful harsh products.

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Mama Bears: What would we do without them? They somehow manage to make the kids breakfast, pack their lunch, throw back a coffee, make it to work on time, organise rides to after school programs and play dates, have a healthy dinner ready when they get home and make sure to fit in a few workout classes for the stress.. what stress? Crazy right? Time-poor so no time for lavish spa facials and body wraps but want to keep looking hot for date nights with the hubby.

Major Complaints: Dark circles, dull complexion, general aging – sagging skin and frown lines.

What to look for: Is beauty sleep even a thing? Ensuring you get at least 7 hours a night will not only help you look more refreshed, but give you more energy to get everything you need done. Dark circles can in part be genetic creating deeper set eyes making them more prominent. Sleeping on an elevated pillow can help make the appearance of blood  vessels and therefore dark circles, less noticeable. A Vitamin C serum for brightening and Vitamin A for anti-aging and collegen boosting. If looking for more, botox works wonders for reducing a scowl.

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Which one do you relate to most? Hopefully this article helped. Be sure to contact us with your skin questions!

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Dr. Lisa Kellett @ DLK on Avenue

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