Manscaping: The perfect nape

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Manscaping: The perfect nape

One guy’s quest for the perfect nape

About 10 years ago I ended my love/hate relationship with my barber.  Once a week for about 5 years, I used to see Frank (the barber) to get my nape “cleaned up” and by cleaned up I mean masterfully shorn to ensure my hairline didn’t appear to run straight down my back, which it did – but nobody needed to know that.  So out of aesthetic necessity I saw Frank routinely, and although I hated the process because it was timely and costly, I loved the results because Frank made me feel clean and smooth with a “fresh” nape.

I ended my relationship with Frank on a Friday.  I heard a friend saying something to someone about lasering his ears, and with that mine perked up.  Laser, what laser? Where laser? How laser? I drilled him for the 411 and he told me laser hair treatments had changed his grooming habits, shaving precious time from his routine.  There was a place called DLK he said, they had a laser that didn’t hurt he said, and it worked amazingly and was permanent.  So I called and booked a consultation, what did I have to lose?

Ever the sceptic I photoshopped the “ideal” neckline line onto a photo of me for the consult to let them know I was serious about my neck.  As it turns out my aesthetician used to be a stylist so she knew better than me about blending, and edges, and corners and all that stuff that would make my neck look natural, like I was just another blessed male with the perfect nape.

Now I have a new relationship, with DLK on Avenue.  With laser-precision they carve and blend my neckline using a crazy laser that is sometimes cold (to minimize pain) and sometimes feels like vacuum (to target hair follicles) and with each treatment I become more and more optimistic that my dream neckline is in sight.

I am told this relationship will last 6-9 treatments but that’s ok because I will be left with amazing memories, and a picture perfect nape.

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