The Fab Fat

Posted on February 21st, by staff in Diet. 6 comments

The Fab Fat

By Jessica Wortsman

Olive oil is a miracle worker. I mean, in addition to its indispensable role in the world of cuisine, this stuff keeps the heart young, the bones strong and various forms of cancer at bay. Well, it turns out that this little fruit is proving itself to be quite the over-achiever.

According to a recent French study, the consumption of olive oil correlates to significantly fewer wrinkles and less sun damage. After the exclusion of all other influential factors (such as smoking, sun exposure history and hormonal status), the 3000 test subjects demonstrated skin with fewer lines and wrinkles as well as improved tone and texture resulting from less severe sun damage.

The magic is in the oil’s uniquely high content of polyphenols and squalene, two antioxidant super-forces in the fight against free radical damage.

So, you may want to make a run out to Costco and stock up on the EVOO. I know I will.


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