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By Maria Zaborniak

The invention of Spanx was a boon to womankind. Now there’s invisible shape wear for concealing another type of unwanted pudge, this time on the face.

brings a temporary non-invasive option to those bothered by puffy under-eye bags though are not yet ready to go under the knife. Eye bags happen when fat pads bulge and push forward as skin stretches and muscles relax under the eye, causing people to look old and tired. Unlike ‘puffiness’ typically caused by lack of sleep, dehydration, or allergies, fat pads are a permanent condition that can appear in adulthood and worsen over the years.



Created by an interdisciplinary team of researchers and dermatologists at Living Proof (the company that skin-obsessed Jennifer Aniston has vested interested in), Neotensil is a two-step at-home treatment kit that claims to reshape the appearance of bags and lax skin beneath the eyes within an hour.

In production for more than 10 years, Neotensil is made from Strateris, a breathable polymer film that mimics the elasticity, tensile strength, and smooth contour of youthful skin. When applied under the eye, it compresses, shapes and contracts just like youthful skin. In 1-3 hours it flattens out the actual fat pad.

Betty Lu, Living Proof’s first hire and creator of Strateris, who has a Doctor of Science in Chemical Engineering from MIT, states “Other products that claim to be for under eye bags are based on egg white or starch technology, and you might get an immediate benefit, but as soon as you move around you lose the benefits. No other material out there has this elasticity, snap back property. We have users who like to wear it throughout the night. It has tremendous hydration properties as well. We have clinical data showing that it maintains hydration over the course of 24 hours.”

Where did the name come from? Neotensil is an acronym for Neo (new), T (transforming), E (elastic), N (non-invasive), S (supportive), I (invisible) and L (layer solution).

Cost: $500, available in select skin clinics across Canada and the U.S.



Don’t apply makeup, sunscreen, or moisturizer on top of Neotensil. It will show around the border and manipulate its flat appearance.


Maria Zaborniak


About the Expert Maria Zaborniak is a Michigan-based Medical Assistant and Aesthetician. In her 16 years of experience, she has worked alongside a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist.


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