My Wedding Shower

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My Wedding Shower

Two weeks ago my soon-to-be mother-in-law, Maddy, threw a wonderful wedding shower at her cottage for me and my fiancé. It was a perfect summer day, surrounded by lots of family and sunshine. In planning my outfit for the day, surely to be spent outdoors lounging around and laughing by the lake, I knew that I wanted to wear something sweet and sophisticated while maintaining my skin-savvy ways (something my family all tease me about). After all, I’ve spent the last six months doing dermatological skin treatments to tighten and brighten my complexion for the big day (my last treatment was my third Laser Peel in mid-June) so I’m not going to undo all the hard-earned benefits by basking in the sun. Might I remind you: UV rays not only heighten skin cancer risk, they accelerate the visible signs of aging because they damage collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. So what did I end up wearing, besides lots of sunscreen, at my wedding shower? Read on.


Family pic!

The Dress. It didn’t take me long to find the perfect dress. I headed to Fredas, a high-end boutique in downtown Toronto known for their gorgeous gowns and tailored-to-fit contemporary pieces. Eight years ago I purchased a gun metal grey Mackage trench jacket from them that I still wear today. Fredas is a fab place to find unique quality pieces and the shopping experience is great because the owners, Freda (the mom) and her daughters Elaine and Paulina, go out of their way to make you feel like you are shopping with a personal stylist. When I told them that I was in need of a dress, Paulina promptly sent me several photos of her stock via email. I went with a watermelon/beige maxi dress with pleating down the middle ($500). Though because I’m only 5″1, I had to get the dress shortened at the length and straps, which Fredas took care of within two days as they have an in-house seamstress for alternations. Convenient, right?


The sunhat. Since our derm Dr. Kellett preached the specifics of the perfect sunhat at my last interview with her – it should be opaque, at least 5 inches all around so that the lower face and neck are protected, and made with tightly woven UPF 50+ fabric – I went on a Coolibar mission. After flipping through their summer catalogue, I went with their Boca Raton Sun Hat ($50) and even ordered a hat for Maddy, albeit one that isn’t so glamour puss. With a history of skin cancer in my husband-to-be’s family, I wanted Maddy to have a hat that she would want to use every day. It had to be as a beautiful and classy as her but functional too, so something bendable that she could fold and toss into her purse was ideal. I found these features in the grey denim Packable Ribbon Sun Hat ($35), fashioned with a silky scarf that I tied into a pretty bow. Maddy sent me a lovely tea cup and saucer set a week later with a little yellow sticky note that read “I love my hat!” How lucky am I to have such a sweet mother-in-law?


The Shirt. I wasn’t finished in my quest to preserve my future family’s skin. Because my beau’s baby blues pop when he wears blue, I ordered a sky blue ZnO Henley long sleeved cotton shirt ($45) for him to wear that day.  I’m so impressed with the quality of Coolibar’s innovative “ZnO Suntect” fabric, which is made of cotton, bamboo and spandex and tinged with zinc oxide particles to provide UVA and UVB protection. The cotton feels soft and light for being so tightly woven (a prerequisite for sun-protective clothes).


My hubs-to-be loved the top also and with him working in the health care field, he sees the value of wearing sun protective clothes as much as possible. Or maybe, I’m just really starting to rub off on him.


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