My SilkPeel

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My SilkPeel

The last month of wedding planning can surely take a toll on your skin. Oh the planning – the endless to-do lists, the appointments, and table seating changes – it’s no wonder people hire wedding planners! When I arrived at my final treatment at DLK two days before my big day, my complexion was looking a little sallow, possibly due to my poor sleeping patterns for the past week. That seating plan always seemed to need midnight revisions, arg.

Though my skin was in the clear in the acne department (thanks to diligent use of this) and line-less (thanks to her), there were still a few blackheads on the tip of my nose and my skin was lacking in the glow department. Apparently Dr. Kellett had foreseen this six months ago, when she planned my bridal skin prep plan and prescribed the final treatment to be a SilkPeel Dermal Infusion ($250 at DLK on Avenue). I was stoked when I saw this on the plan because I love this treatment! The SilkPeel was actually the first treatment I ever got at DLK several years ago and I remembered being blown away by how soft and silky smooth my face felt for days afterwards.

A SilkPeel is basically a super medical facial: A 2-in-1 treatment that combines the exfoliating benefits of a diamond-tipped microdermbrasion with deep infusion of pharmaceutical-grade skin serums. So while all that grime and dead skin cells are being sucked away, high quality glow-boosting nutrients are being simultaneously pumped into your skin. The result? A face that is camera-ready and smooth as a newborn’s butt for about two weeks. Makeup will go on smoother and last longer, which is what every bride needs for her big day.

In this video below, I take you into my appointment with medical aesthetician Kim (you may remember her as MC DLK) as she explains how a SilkPeel works. Want The Skiny? Skip to 3:52 to hear the short rap version.

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