My Microdermabrasion

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My Microdermabrasion

Marilyn Monroe’s character in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes famously sung “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but that was back in 1953 when Monroe was in her twenties, with her skin being in its prime.

If Marilyn were alive today, I think she’d change her tune to “diamond peels are a woman’s best friend.”

Especially if you’ve committed a cardinal skincare sin, such as what I did over the weekend. Get ready to gasp in disbelief: I fell asleep with makeup on.

To my defence, I was “glamping” (glamour camping) and I couldn’t find my micelle cleanser in the darkness of the tent. Where was the chandelier or my flashlight, you ask? That’s not the point. The point is I doze off with foundation and several coats of sunscreen on my face, on a humid summer night. It’s no wonder I awoke with sticky skin and three large zits that resembled black fly bites. Not pretty. I could almost hear my dermatologist shaking her head in disappointment.

I needed a diamond peel ASAP.

What is a “Diamond Peel”?

A diamond peel is simply a trade name for microdermabrasion using a specific dermatological-grade machine. This 30-minute treatment gently exfoliates the upper layer of skin to reveal fresh new skin underneath. There’s no downtime, it feels relaxing, and the results are instantaneous.

How it works

The medical aesthetician whisks a thin vacuum-like wand, which is encrusted with diamond particles on the tip, over your face in long strokes. Each stroke clears away dead skin cells by literally sucking the debris off, like a mini Hoover for your face. The result is clean, smooth, velvety skin that illuminates like a newborn’s.

Skin crisis averted. Monroe-like glow, recaptured.

Diamond microdermabrasion vs. Crystal microdermabrasion

You may see the latter offered at spas at significantly lower price points compared to diamond microdermabrasion. What’s the difference? According to Anne, the medical aesthetician I saw at DLK on Avenue, the Toronto clinic owned by our go-to dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett, “crystal microdermabrasion uses pulverized crystals instead of a diamond-tip to exfoliate.” So for this reason crystal microdermabrasion is often “messier” and can leave behind remnants of the crystals. Anne says it’s kind of like how you’d find sand in your shoes after a trip to the beach. When I worked at a spa (many moons ago), we offered crystal microdermabrasion so I can speak to the results and sensation of both types.  In my opinion, I find that crystal microdermabrasion feels scratchier than diamond micro. So the overall experience isn’t as pleasant. As for the results, the afterglow from diamond peel lasts a tad longer.

Cost of a diamond peel: $150 at DLK in Avenue. For more information, click here.








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