Mompreneur: Anita Singh

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Mompreneur: Anita Singh

D.I.Y. scrubs may not be a new thing on the skincare scene, but when this social worker and mom of three started getting requests from strangers for her homemade creations, she decided to embrace her entrepreneurial spirit. Bodyumm sugar scrubs were born in 2012. “I started by just playing with natural ingredients and essential oils in my kitchen. I would jar these mixtures up and use them on my body and face throughout my pregnancies; I have sensitive skin and wanted to use only natural ingredients on myself, ” says the outgoing 36-year-old Singh-Shetty. Other moms-to-be in her circle started asking for these scrubs, and after awhile they became the only types of gifts Singh-Shetty brought to birthday parties and showers. “Instead of food, I was expected to bring jars of my scrubs! My most popular one is the Lavender Glitter Glam, which has a bit of sparkles to make your skin glow! Moms love it because it makes them feel sexy again.” This budding business woman knows a thing or two about being a yummy mummy – she has the body of a 23-year! I visited Singh-Shetty at her home in North Markham to raid her bathroom cabinet and get the skinY on her passion.

Skin type? Sensitive and combination

How old are your children? Tiana is 12, Jayda is 9, and Kian is 6 months.

Anita with her daughters. Her son, Kian co-stars in the video below.

Ok, you must have stretch marks, right?

Well I did get stretch marks on my stomach with my first two, but that’s because I didn’t use Bio-Oil. With Kian, I used it along with my homemade scrubs on my belly throughout the pregnancy and I don’t have any new markings. I don’t know if this was becuase my stomach is already used to the stretching or if it was oils that did the trick! I also became really active after baby #2; I taught Body Pump at Goodlife, jogged occasionally, and did lots of weight training, power lifting, and boxing. Currently I do a lot of cross training, plyometrics, boxing, and spin class when I can.

We just pulled out your favorite skincare products (photo above), tell me about each one.

I use two Vichy products: one is a facial wash and the other is a cream. I like them because I have sensitive-combination skin. Both these products moisturize my skin however don’t leave it feeling oily or cause break out. The Cetaphil lotion is what I used prior to making the scrubs, when my heels get dry. Now I will use it when I run out of my scrub and don’t have time to make it. I also use this lotion on my baby when he has very slight small patches on eczema. It works! That “Lay it on Thick” is another thick moisturizing cream that I use on my hands before bed.

If you could trade dermatologists with any celebrity, who would it be?

Beyonce…but I want to be Beyonce, so I may be bias.

Favorite food? Generally I’m a healthy eater but the lamb burger at Five Napkin burger in NYC will always stay close to my heart.

Most overused word? I’m told I say “thank you” too much.

Favorite saying? Thank you! (LOL)

If you were stranded on a deserted island, which 3 skincare products must you have to survive?

My own scrubs, of course! Bodyumm exfoliating body scrub, Bodyumm exfoliating facial scrub, Bodyumm exfoliating foot and hand scrub.

In this video, Singh-Shetty explains how to use Bodyumm scrubs…

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