Mole removal

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Mole removal

A few years ago, Voula decided to fix something that bugged her for years. “I had two moles removed, one at the inner edge of my left eyebrow and the other under my right eye. It was the best decision of my career,” laughs the 35-year-old Human Resources Specialist. Here, Voula gives us The Skiny on her face-changing experience.

Q: How did the moles look like?

VOULA: They had both started as small moles in my adolescence and grew during my teen years and became dark brown in colour and raised. The size of the one in my eyebrow was slightly smaller than a pencil eraser.

Q: What sparked your decision to have the moles removed?

VOULA: My moles had always made me self-conscious about my face. I got the impression that people often stared at my moles…like in the Austin Powers movie! I’m great with people and social settings but I hate “selling” myself, so when it came down for me to look for a job after graduating university, I didn’t want anything to hold me back while I went through the interview process. I decided to get the moles removed before job hunting to ensure I made a good first impression with potential employers.

Q: Where did you go for the removal?

VOULA: My family doctor [in Richmond Hill, ON] referred me to Dr. Kellett, and then shortly after that I saw her on T.V. talking about it. I liked the fact that she was a woman…I felt like I could better relate to her than a male plastic surgeon. And she made the procedure sound quick and easy!

Q: Describe your consultation.

VOULA: For some reason I had it in my head that there would be a lot of cutting and lasers involved, but when I went downtown for my consultation, she told me about her shave-down technique and how using lasers to remove a mole is frowned upon. Because as she said, “You never know what could be underneath a mole.” It’s always best to cut it out, I learned. The removed mole is then sent to a hospital for cancer testing. I was advised that after the surgery I might have a small scar. This was something that made me a little apprehensive but in the end, I decided that I was okay with a small scar rather than a big mole.

Q: Describe your procedure.

VOULA: Dr Kellett injected some kind of numbing solution onto the moles, similar to the freezing you get the dentist. The needle was the only sensation I felt throughout the whole process. Everything went numb within a few seconds, and then she started shaving down the moles one at a time. I kept my eyes closedjust because I’m a baby, but I couldn’t feel a thing. When the shave was done, she said she was going to apply some heat on it with a machine. Again I didn’t feel a thing. I had stitches applied, by her nurse, to the area which were very noticeable. Once I saw the black stiches I was a little taken aback and was scared that it would not be a quick recovery. This was not the case and I recovered very easily with two small scars.

Q: How much did the procedure cost?

VOULA: About 6 hundred dollars.

Q: Are you still satisfied with the results?

VOULA: Yes! My scars are barely noticeable now. It may sound vain, but being mole-free gave me that extra kick I needed to go out into the job market with confidence. I felt more comfortable looking people in the eyes and having their eyes on me.

Photo above is of one of Dr. Kellett’s patients (not Voula). For more details on mole removal, click here.

Want to see a mole removal in action? Watch this video below. You won’t flinch, promise!

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